Pearl Jam: July 18, 2006
San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
support: Sonic Youth

Ed pre-set:
I Am Mine

Main Set:
Life Wasted
Severed Hand
Hail, Hail
World Wide Suicide
Red Mosquito
Light Years
Big Wave
Even Flow
Do The Evolution
In Hiding
Present Tense
Why Go

Encore 1:
Wasted Reprise
Man Of The Hour
Crazy Mary

Encore 2:
Last Exit
State Of Love And Trust
All Along The Watchtower
Yellow Ledbetter


This was the 6th show in a crazy stretch where I saw 8 shows in 15 days and traveled many, many miles to do so...

July 8: drive from Fresno to Mountain View to see NIN (#1) that night (165 miles)
July 9: drive 340 miles south to LA for Pearl Jam (#2)
July 10: another night of Pearl Jam (#3) in LA
July 11: drive 225 miles home to work in Fresno for a few days (have to pay for these trips somehow!)
July 15: drive 200 miles north to San Francisco to see Pearl Jam (#4) that night
July 16: more Pearl Jam (#5) in San Francisco
July 17: a day off to be a tourist in San Francisco
July 18: more Pearl Jam (#6) in San Francisco
July 19: take friend Brad to airport, then drive up to San Rafael to spend night with friend Katy and do laundry (about 50 miles driven that day)
July 20: drive from San Rafael to Oakland (35 miles), fly from Oakland to Seattle (about 800 miles). Meet Jenny at the airport to get her suitcase before she flies to Portland to see Pearl Jam that night.  Jenny's friends drop her off at the hotel room she and I are sharing with Kari later that night after driving up to Seattle from Portland.
July 21: day of being a tourist in Seattle with Kari and Jenny
July 22: Meet up with Tim and Ian at hotel.  Pick up friend Doug at SEA-TAC airport, then drive out to Ellensburg, WA for Pearl Jam (#7) at The Gorge Amphitheatre that night. (about 200 miles driven that day)
July 23: another night of PJ (#8) at the Gorge (about 87 miles driven that day)
July 24: drive back to Seattle (113 miles), fly back to Oakland (800 miles), drive home to Fresno (172 miles).  Make a sad face that it's all over, and then DIE from exhaustion!

I made some rough calculations, factoring in distances covered between the venues and where I was sleeping that night, as well as driving around the cities that I got to play tourist in, and I traveled well over 3,325 miles in the span of 15 days.  The west coast was having a crazy heat wave that second week, and temperatures reached over 113 degrees out at The Gorge and it was pretty hot in San Francisco and Seattle, too.  It was a crazy-hectic-insane two weeks, and I'll probably never do something like that ever again, but it was also a LOT of fun, I saw some fantastic shows and spent quality time with some of my favorite people.  Money, time, and energy well-spent.  No regrets at all.

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