Neko Case: June 9, 2009
San Francisco, CA - The Warfield
support: band

Main Set:
Maybe Sparrow
People Got a Lotta Nerve
Hold On, Hold On
The Pharoahs
Middle Cyclone
Deep Red Bells
I Wish I Was the Moon
I'm an Animal
Prison Girls
The Tigers Have Spoken
Margaret vs. Pauline
Polar Nettles
Red Tide
Don't Forget Me (Harry Nilsson cover)
That Teenage Feeling
This Tornado Loves You

Vengeance Is Sleeping
If You Knew
Magpie to the Morning
Knock Loud (Sook-Yin Lee cover)
John Saw That Number

Notes: Neko and her band were wonderful. I didn't want the show to end and wished I could've stayed in San Francisco an extra night to see her again the next day. This show happened on the final night of a 4-night trip I took with my then-boyfriend to Sonoma County and it was a sweet end to what had been some really nice time together. We went to the show with his friend Jordy, who is a huge Neko Case fan. He had a seat up in the balcony, and the boyfriend and I were down on the floor and pretty close to the stage.

I'd definitely go see Neko Case again, but I need some time to pass before I can listen to her without feeling sad. I got into her through the boyfriend, we listened to her a lot when we were together, but we've since broken up and Neko's music just brings up too many heart-breaking memories for me right now.

(May 13, 2010)


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