Jane's Addiction & Nine Inch Nails: May 22, 2009
Mountain View, CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre
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DSC_9091NIN Set:
March of the Pigs
The Becoming
Gave Up
The Fragile
The Way Out is Through
The Day the World Went Away
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole

Jane's Addiction set:
Three Days
Ain't No Right
Pigs In Zen
Then She Did...
Mountain Song
Thank You Boys
Had A Dad
Been Caught Stealing
Ted, Just Admit It...
Ocean Size
Summertime Rolls
Jane Says 

Notes: Through the most amazing luck I have EVER had buying concert tickets, I ended up with a pair of FRONT ROW, CENTER seats to this show.  I must've just been the first person to get tickets during the NIN fanclub pre-sale.  I don't know how it happened, but I swear to you that I didn't use a scalper or any tricks or backend ways to get these tickets.  I about had a heart-attack when the seats came up and I checked them against a seating chart.  My hands were shaking and I was worried I wouldn't be able to complete the sale in my nervousness and that I'd lose them!  But I didn't.  :-)

Before that even happened though, I was extremely excited about this tour because Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction are two of my all-time favorite bands.  Seeing both of them together seemed like something that would only happen in my dreams.  Not all of my favorite bands would pair well together in a live setting, but I think these two did.  AND, Jane's Addiction's original bassist, Eric Avery, had rejoined the band for the first time since their first split in 1992.  I'd never seen him with the band before, so I was quite excited about that, too.  It felt like I was finally going to see the real, genuine Jane's Addiction.

The recording policy was relaxed, and fans could bring video cameras, audio recorders, and even digital SLR cameras to the show.  I went to this show with my fellow photographer boyfriend, Andrew.  He ended up using my Nikon D80 camera to take pictures, and I spent my time focused on the show.  I knew I might never have a chance to be that close again, and I didn't want to waste that opportunity by having a camera in front of my face the entire time.  I think the arrangement worked out well....Andrew wasn't as familiar with the musical material and seemed quite happy to take pictures, and I was quite happy to sing along and rock out. 

The very few shots I took can be found here:

Nine Inch Nails were good, but it was a little strange seeing them in a pseudo-opening band slot, and they didn't play as many familiar songs as I was hoping for.  They'd announced that this was their "Wave Goodbye" tour, and at the end of "Hurt" I tried to really remember as much as I could, thinking it might be the last time I'd see them live for a very long time. (I was wrong.)

Jane's Addiction was much more colorful and the band members interacted with each other a lot more.  Perry Farrell is entertaining to watch, but I was a little let-down by his singing.  I felt like he slowly spoke the lyrics more than actually sang them.  The rest of the band was excellent, though.

aj-at-NINJADave Navarro took a picture of the audience with his Blackberry, and you can see Andrew and I on the left, next to a very short guy in a white T-shirt.  We're the two tall people in grey on the rail:

My favorite moment of the show was during Jane's Addiction's "Then She Did," possibly my favorite song of theirs.  (It's tied with "Three Days.")  I know this is a very special song to both Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro, both of whom lost their mothers when they were quite young.  Perry's to suicide, and Dave's to murder.  I believe this song is about Perry's mother.  Well, anyway, I was singing along and swaying back and forth, feeling all blissed out, and I ended up catching Dave's eye and getting a slight smile from him.  I think I gave him a subtle smile back and just kept on singing.  I wish I could remember exactly what part of the song it was.  I think it was a mellow part and I'm pretty sure it was the beginning of this section:

"I went to see your pictures...
I spread them across the floor...
So this is where they are shown...
Now they're probably saying to you,
If you keep it up you'll be born."

When it was all over, I hated to leave my seat and exit the venue.  It had been a fantastic night and I knew that sitting that close to the stage at Shoreline might never happen for me again.

(May 12, 2010)


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