Crowded House: May 14, 2008
San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
support: Don McGlashan

Main set:
--9:00pm start
Everything is Good For You
Love You 'Til The Day I Die
Fall At Your Feet
new song - the "blame it on the drugs" one
Whispers and Moans
Walked Her Way Down
Chocolate Cake
Silent House
Into Temptation
American Woman (sung by Mark, Neil followed with the New Zealand version, "Australian woman, stay away from me!")
Either Side of the World*
Private Universe
Don't Dream It's Over
Don't Stop Now
Distant Sun

the breaks were very short, just two minutes each.

encore 1:
Locked Out
Sister Madly
When You Come
-Happy Birthday to Neil
Four Seasons In One Day

encore 2:
World Where You Live
She Goes On
Throw Your Arms Around Me
Now We're Getting Somewhere
Better Be Home Soon
--ended at 11:26pm

*song titles are guesstimates, as these were new songs not released on any album yet

Notes:  It's HOT in the Bay this week, and the Fillmore wasn't as cool inside as I would've liked it. Neil was sweaty when he took his jacket off after only a few songs and the whole band kept towels handy for brow-mopping.

LONG show! Could not believe it when they started "Now We're Getting Somewhere," as it's one of my favorites and I didn't have any hope of hearing it live. It was a bit sloppy at times and most of the crowd didn't seem to know it, but I was one happy dancing camper.

The new having a hard time getting into them. I like the one that has a line that sounds like "blame it on the drugs" and a really rockin' finish. There's another one that has a country feel to it and I am SO OVER IT. Bleh. Can't say they made me excited to hear the next album, but I know they're a work in progress.

Heard a lot of oldies I hadn't heard before...Everything is Good For You, Love You Til The Day I Die, She Goes On, Chocolate Cake, Now We're Getting Somewhere, Into Temptation.

Nick had bass problems at the beginning of When You Come, and he couldn't get the crew's attention and had to run across the stage to fetch them. Neil took the opportunity of the lighter instrumentation to get the crowd to sing more, which made for a unique version of my favorite song, and Nick was back in the game by the second verse.

Mark Hart sang a great version of "American Woman" by the Guess Who after onstage banter had somehow gotten onto the topic of Canadian rock bands.

Private Universe started out very calm, no drums, and then picked up halfway through and got very tribal and rockin'. I love watching Matt play the drums on that one.

(review written in the wee hours of the morning of May 15, 2008)


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