Crowded House: September 1, 2007
Seattle, WA - Memorial Stadium

Main Set:
Distant Sun
Don't Stop Now
Fall At Your Feet
Pour Le Monde
Say That Again
When You Come
Silent House
Don't Dream It's Over
Weather With You
People Are Like Suns
Locked Out
World Where You Live (w/ Eddie Vedder)
Something So Strong (w/ Eddie Vedder)
Four Seasons In One Day > Better Be Home Soon

Crowded House were the first band to play in the stadium on the opening day of the Bumbershoot music & art festival at the Seattle Center.  They'd played Bumbershoot before, back in 1994.  It was fun to see them in the middle of a bright, sunshiney day, even if it did have to be a short set.  Much of the crowd was there for bands that would be performing later in the day, so the little clutch of enthusiastic Crowdies up front did have to battle the indifferent audience members among us, but I think the band won over some new fans, or at least caused them to smile or be impressed a little bit.


I had a feeling that Eddie Vedder might be backstage, since he lives in Seattle and is a longtime fan and friend of Neil Finn's.  So, it wasn't a big surprise when he came out to perform on a couple of songs with the band.  But I was still really happy to see two of my favorite singers together.  I took a picture of them that ended up being used on

(May 12, 2010)


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