Paul Weller: February 3, 2007
Los Angeles, CA - Avalon Theatre
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Main Set:
Tales From The Riverbank
Headstart For Happiness
Speak Like A Child
The Start Of Forever
Roll Along Summer
The Butterfly Collector
That's Entertainment
Down In The Seine
A Man Of Great Promise
Peacock Suit
Out Of The Sinking
From The Floorboards Up
Into Tomorrow
Above The Clouds
Amongst Butterflies
Porcelain Gods / I Walk On Gilded Splinters
The Pebble And The Boy
You Do Something To Me
The Changingman
In The Crowd
Come On / Let's Go
I Wanna Make It Alright
Town Called Malice


Notes: My friend Katy is a big Paul Weller fan, and she came down from the Bay Area for this show and invited me to come with her. This is what I wrote in my online journal a few days after the show took place:

I didn't want to fuss with driving after dark and looking for parking, so we took a cab to the venue which was right near Hollywood and Vine. Instantly I noticed that the demographics of the line of people to get in was very different from what I usually see: basically a much higher percentage of middle-aged men. Better-dressed. Grey hair. Bald spots. Very relaxed and easy-going crowd. Some British accents. There was no pat-down or bag inspection when we went through the entrance. That's so foreign to me, but I'm not complaining! The Avalon is GORGEOUS inside and I can't wait to go back there for another show.

Now, the pathetic part: I've heard of Paul Weller before, but that's about as far as it goes. I have mp3s of one of his live albums, as well as an album by The Jam, but I've never really listened to him/them. I was unfamiliar with 99.9% of his work. We did listen to him a bit on the drive down, but that wasn't enough to get me really knowing any of his songs. So, I felt a bit like a loser who didn't belong. I know he's got a strong following and doesn't play in the US that often, and I felt bad that I was taking up a ticket that could've gone to a true fan! It was a big deal for Katy to get to see him after years of love, and I wish she could've gone with one of her sisters or someone who was equally as into him. Not that I didn't want to be there, mind you, I just felt a bit guilty for not being a dedicated fan who knew the lyrics and got excited for different songs.

The show was really enjoyable, though. A nice mix of different styles of music. There were two songs that were longer and really rockin', which I'd LOVE to get a recording of. Evidently Paul was unhappy with technical difficulties and said the sound was crap, but everything sounded fine from where I stood, which was on the railing right in front of the mixing desk.

I think I've said this before but I'll repeat it: my concert-going life started with large bands in large venues: U2 and Pearl Jam in arenas and amphitheatres and stadiums. But I am really loving the smaller artist in the smaller venue. I think the percentage of idiots is smaller, and it's just a much more intimate experience. I hate having to deal with thousands and thousands of people. The crowd at the Avalon was a great size and I know I wouldn't have enjoyed myself as much seeing a performer I'm unfamiliar with in a large venue. My only wish is that I lived in LA or San Francisco and could have these experiences more frequently and with less expense.

After the show we were able to quickly hail a cab and get back to the hotel. I think the driver was a bit surprised that we were calling it a night just after 10pm on a Saturday! But we were tiiiiired! We walked across the street to a grocery store to replenish our fluids and got ourselves to bed after that.

(March 14, 2010 / February 5, 2007)


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