Marcy Playground: April 26, 2004
Modesto, CA - Fat Cat
support: Jetliner

Main Set:


Notes: My roommates Kim and Susan and I went to this show together to see the opening band, Jetliner. Susan was old friends with the lead singer, and Kim worked on their website for them. I don't really remember much about the show, or if we stayed to watch all of Marcy Playground's set, though I do remember seeing them play their hit song, "Sex and Candy." Jetliner was fun. They have a classic rock sound with elements of Elton John on the piano.

The whole band stayed at our house around this time when they had a gig in Fresno. It was kind of fun having a bunch of rocker guys in the house for a weekend, though making coffee for 6 people with a tiny, 4-cup coffee machine was a bit of a challenge. We got everyone caffeinated eventually.

This was the only concert I went to in 2004.  It was a strange, drought-like year for me for some reason.

(May 12, 2010)


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