Ben Harper: August 16, 2003
Berkeley, CA - The Greek Theatre
support: Jack Johnson

Main Set:
Suzie Blue
Beloved One
Pleasure And Pain
When It's Good
Waiting On An Angel
Walk Away
In The Lord's Arms
She's Only Happy In The Sun
Show Me A Little Shame
Glory & Consequence
God Fearing Man
Ground On Down
So High So Low
Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave
People Lead
Steal My Kisses
Diamonds On The Inside
Burn One Down

High Tide Or Low Tide

Notes: (from Ben's mother sat in again for "In The Lord's Arms" and Jack Johnson played on "High Tide Or Low Tide."

My sister and I went to this show together and had a fun weekend in Berkeley.  Unfortunately, we just weren't that thrilled by our third Ben Harper show.  This is what I wrote in my journal the next day:

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals...were less than thrilling. Too much slow, acoustic stuff, too much that was too blah, and not enough of the really wicked rockers that we both like the best. We got there late and parking was hard to find. There wasn't much empty space at the venue, either. We were pretty uncomfortable and agreed that 1) large general admission shows are not our thing, 2) we probably won't go see Ben again the next time he tours, unless we know what his setlists are like beforehand. Sad. We've seen him twice before and he freakin' ROCKED both times. Not so, this time.

(August 17, 2003)


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