Jane's Addiction: February 7, 2003
Santa Barbara, CA - Arlington Theater
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Main Set:
Up The Beach
Pigs In Zen
Ain't No Right
Blood Rag (snippet)
Three Days
Summertime Rolls
Price I Pay
Suffer Some
Then She Did...
Ocean Size
Ted, Just Admit It...
Mountain Song
Jane Says


Notes: This is what I wrote in my journal the day after the show:


The show last night was woooonderful.

My seat was right in front of the speaker stack on the right side of the stage, and it both made me deaf and obstructed my view of the lovely Stephen Perkins, but when Dave was up by his pedals he was less than 10 feet away from me, and if I'd stretched and he'd stretched, we could've touched hands but I didn't even try. It was actually kind of weird being that close and looking at him and knowing that sometimes he was looking right back at me. EEP! I found myself watching other parts of him because eye contact was so intense. He's not as wickedly sexy as he was in 1997, with the longer hair, shorter goatee, and of course, mini-skirt, fishnets, and boots...but he is still damn beautiful and H-O-T hot. He wore simple black pants and sneakers and that was it. mmm, mmm, good.


Perry looked good, too. He didn't have the ridiculous pimp outfit he wore to the Warfield show last July. He spent time all over the stage, doing his funny dances and looking all blissed out. I could rarely see Stephen at all, I had to stretch and crane my neck a bit to get a look at him. =( The bassist was Chris Cheney I think...? I don't really know anything about him, unfortunately

There were no seats in front of me, and I was able to be up on the rail for the whole show, which was good because a ton of people moved up into the first few rows --which severely pissed me off! I paid good money for that seat and that space, and the security guards did absolutely nothing to stop people from moving up, or send them back to their seats. grrrr.

The sound was better than at the Warfield, probably because I was right in front of the speakers. They also played "Then She Did" and "Ted, Just Admit It," my other two favorite songs (#1 being "Three Days") that were not played at the Warfield show. They did two new songs...one of which I think was played in July, and the other sounded unfamiliar to me. Both were great and I'm anxious to hear them on an album soon.

Let's see...what else did they play... Up the Beach, Pigs in Zen, Stop, Ocean Size, Summertime Rolls, Mountain Song, Jane Says, Ain't No Right (I think?)... I think there were a few more but I don't remember them right now. They did NOT play Been Caught Stealing! haha! They did play a little teaser of "Blood Rag," a Porno for Pyros song.

The theatre was pretty small. It's nice to see bands in that setting...big enough to have high energy, but small enough to still feel intimate. I had no trouble finding my way around Santa Barbara to my motel, the venue, gas, and food. Parking wasn't easy right off the bat but I found a free space only a block and a half away from the venue. I wished I'd had someone to go to the show with me --I was pretty wired when I got back to my motel room, but I had no one to share it with so I text messaged about four people and called my parents, as well-- but otherwise I did just fine by myself. It's nice to go solo sometimes, when I'm on nobody's schedule but my own.

Driving down I took 99 to the 5 and then west on 126 through Ventura to 101 North to S.B.. Coming home today I decided to take 101 North through San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles, to 46 East and 41 North. Both routes took about 4.5 hours, including a 30-minute break. I think the route I took home is about 20 miles shorter, but there are sections of the road where speed is reduced, and it's not quite the same straight shot that 99 & I-5 are. But it's definitely more scenic, with at least 25-30 miles right by the ocean. I'm glad I took that route home during the daylight, both for safety's sake as well as the scenery. That little stretch of desert-like terrain between Kettleman City and uhhh...wherever it ends (if you've driven it, you know what I'm talking about) wasn't so bad because the weather was nice and things weren't completely brown and ugly yet.

I love driving with no one ahead or behind me, sunroof open, and music loud. Ahhh, it was just superb today. It was one of those days when I really love my car.

(February 8, 2003)


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